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Marques The Writer

"We Pray, We Teach, We Inspire"


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Your mindset is the most important weapon that you have in your arsenal. Unfortunately, a vast majority of people operate from a mindset that hinders them from accomplishing their goals. 

Billion Dollar Mindset is a powerful motivational book that is laced with tons of wisdom and knowledge. If the principles are applied the reader will be able to transition their mind from limited thinking to the mindset of those who are extremely successful.

Marques The Writer is a bestselling author and motivational speaker that knows what it is firsthand to transition from a poverty mindset into a Billion Dollar Mindset firsthand. 

Whether you are struggling with motivation, whether you are struggling to overcome life's struggles, or whatever it is that you facing, this book is an excellent source to help you to get from where you are today to the next level in your life.

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