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Destined For Greatness Seminar

Destined For Greatness is a seminar that is created and instructed by Marques The Writer. The overall objective of this seminar is to teach the youth to understand that they were created uniquely and that they should strive to stand out, the importance of having God in your life, and developing the mindset needed to become an entrepreneur.

Marques The Writer is a bestselling author and motivational speaker who is very passionate about motivating and inspiring others to lead there best lives.

Destined For Greatness is a two-hour seminar that is aimed towards youth ages 10-18 and is free of charge. This seminar is very instructional (includes a workbook) and is combined with motivational speeches. The participants will take a 20 question quiz at the end and those who score at least 80 percent will receive a certificate of completion.


1. Stand Out Fron The Crowd

A) I Never Wanted To Be Like Them-

Motivational Speech by Marques the Writer)

B) Peer Pressure 

C) Embracing Wisdom, Knowledge, And Insight (And the differences between these) 

D) Mannerism and proper etiquette.

2. Your Faith In God Should Be Your Foundation

A) Unless The Lord Builds Your House 

(Motivational Speech by Marques The Writer) 

B) What Is Faith and Why We Need It? 

C) Prayer + Motivation + Determination= Success 

D) Believing In God Even If Others Don’t

3. Billion Dollar Mindset

A) Cut Them Off (Motivational Speech by Marques The Writer) 

B) Entrepreneurship 

C) Success Is In Your Routine 

D) Producer VS Consumer 

E) Providing Significant Value

Destined For Greatness Online Course